In 2017, development of the EMS Platform has been guided by three areas of focus: architecture, integrations, and user experience. The two major releases of EMS this year establish EMS as the only true enterprise-class scheduling software platform available to the modern enterprise and campus.

Winter 2017 Release

The Winter 2017 Release (V44.1 Update 20) delivers a number of important updates and an exciting new feature: the first phase of our G Suite Integration. EMS is now the first enterprise-wide scheduling platform to offer customers an integration choice with either calendaring platform: Exchange or G Suite. This release also underscores our commitment to supporting the needs of our Higher Education customers through the first of several planned enhancements and fixes to EMS Campus. Key features include the ability to:

  • Integrate with G Suite so users can view attendee availability from their Google Calendars and send invitations to their Google Calendar apps.
  • Advance your academic planning with improvements to the speed of processes, full location writeback for PeopleSoft Campus Solutions, and an improved Optimizer Resolve Screen.
  • Provide deeper integration with Microsoft Outlook and EMS through increased personalization options and a hassle-free auto-update feature.



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Integration with G Suite and Google Calendar

In the Winter 2017 release, we are introducing the EMS and G Suite Integration, which combines the scheduling power of the EMS platform with the convenience of G Suite. Given the complexity of this integration, we’re taking a multi-phased approach to development of this product line.

In Phase 1, we have introduced Google Calendar Integration, a separately purchased and licensed EMS component that provides a direct connection with G Suite and your end users’ Google Calendars. EMS users can view attendee availability alongside space availability and add bookings directly to host and attendee Google Calendars.

Improved Academic Planning

The Winter 2017 release includes the first collection of updates for academic schedulers, a commitment EMS has made for our Higher Ed users. As EMS moves forward into 2018, we will continuously release enhancements and fixes for academic planning as a part of our ongoing, iterative release schedule.

The collection of improvements in this release includes:

  • Improved the speed of sync, auto-sync, and publishing processes
  • Full location writeback for PeopleSoft Campus Solutions
  • Complex Sort, Filter, Column Stacking in the Resolve Screen of Optimizer

A Seamless Connection with Outlook

Today’s workplace needs have surpassed the capabilities that Outlook alone can provide. With the EMS for Microsoft Outlook add-in, users can find and book available rooms and any necessary services and resources directly within Outlook while using the booking rules, filtering, and conflict resolution conveniently available through EMS.

The Winter 2017 release features further enhancements to EMS for Outlook, including increased personalization options and a hassle-free auto-update feature. The result: our most robust and feature-rich Outlook add-in yet.

Fall 2017 Release

The Fall 2017 Release dramatically improves on the workflows and user experience of two important EMS access points and adds new ways to integrate the EMS platform with other hardware and other software systems. Key features include the ability to:

  • More easily book spaces and services through the EMS for Microsoft® Outlook add-in.
  • Book workspaces and view facility and event information in the redesigned EMS Kiosk App.
  • Create faster, more flexible integrations through the expanded EMS Platform Services.



Self-Service Booking in Outlook

Today’s workplace needs have surpassed the capabilities that Outlook alone can provide. The EMS for Microsoft Outlook add-in offers all the advantages of EMS combined with the convenience of Outlook. Users can find and book available rooms and any necessary services and resources directly within Microsoft® Outlook while using the booking rules, filtering, and conflict resolution available through EMS.

In the Fall 2017 release, we have completely overhauled the user experience such that users have a single, integrated interface for EMS. Improvements include a native Outlook look and feel for EMS, simplified workflows, an enhanced schedule view and attendee management, service enhancements, and support for visitor management.

On-the-Spot Booking Via Kiosk

Designed for use on touchscreen displays, the EMS Kiosk App is powerful yet easy-to-use software that can serve as a digital office sign and interactive tool for any lobby or entryway.

Like the EMS for Outlook add-in, the Kiosk App has been completely redesigned to improve productivity. The prominent, visually appealing display simplifies how you book a meeting or workspace, offers more views and configurations, and helps differentiate your organization’s brand through easier customization.

Spring 2017 Release

The Spring 2017 Release expands how you can make reservations, create video conference meetings, and integrate new or custom software and hardware with EMS. Key features include the ability to:

  • Book technologies such as Cisco and Polycom through Microsoft Exchange Resource Mailboxes.
  • Deliver easy, self-service video conferencing for your everyday users with Skype for Business.
  • Book rooms and view more information in the redesigned EMS Room Sign App.
  • Create faster and more flexible software and hardware integrations through the new EMS Platform Services.

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Self-service video conferencing

Video conferencing (VC) should be easy to enable and convenient to access. In addition to the existing managed VC process, EMS now offers two options that give your everyday users the ability to book video conferences themselves – and not worry about connecting to the backend technology:

  • Skype for Business Integration: a new, one-click feature to add a Skype meeting to an EMS room reservation and allow users to join the Skype meeting from the reservation on any Skype-enabled device.
  • Exchange Room Integration (ERI): an add-on method that automatically detects and invites video conferencing tools to an EMS meeting through an integration with Exchange resource mailboxes.

The modern room sign

Your users want real-time information and at-a-glance availability for their meeting, learning, and working spaces. The new, redesigned EMS Room Sign App (formerly Glance) streamlines the user experience, offering:

  • A clean, color-coded interface that’s easy to scan for information.
  • Simplified buttons and options, with fewer steps to make or edit reservations.
  • Landscape and portrait orientations, including an Agenda View of the day’s events.
  • Easier customization for your organization’s branding.

Integrations with the EMS Platform

Introducing EMS Platform Services, the new add-on, middle-tier component and RESTful API that provides a modern, scalable way for partners and customers to integrate with the EMS Platform. With Platform Services:

  • EMS customers can more easily connect EMS to custom access points such as a kiosk or a simple mobile app.
  • EMS partners can develop marketable connectors for software such as online payment portals more quickly and with less complexity.
  • EMS can speed the development of updates and new features like the Skype for Business Integration.

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