Take the pain out of making and managing reservations

EMS helps you manage space, resources, people, and everything in between using just one system — allowing you to easily execute flawless meetings and events while saving time and money.

EMS is designed to meet the different needs of dedicated expert users who manage reservations and services and casual everyday users who need to quickly and conveniently book desks or conference rooms for simple meetings.


Powerful yet simple space management for expert users

The powerful EMS Desktop Client confers complete scheduling control to administrators, whether it’s approving room requests, booking large-scale events, or communicating with service providers. EMS reduces administrative effort by eliminating many of the steps needed to manage a meeting, automating and error-proofing time-consuming activities, and providing access to the most accurate calendars and information. With EMS, expert users can:

  • Create and modify reservations through step-based wizards.
  • View the entire event calendar and meetings by status or color code.
  • Use filtering and navigation tools to locate details and set up meetings and events.
  • Book complex recurring or video conference meetings in a single reservation.
  • Save time with drag and drop functionality and booking cloning.
  • Deliver automatic confirmation alerts and service and change notifications.

Easy scheduling for everyday users

Organizations can configure EMS to offer casual, non-administrative users the ability to request or book a variety of spaces and resources, all while following the established booking processes and business rules. When enabled, everyday users can quickly and conveniently use access points such as the Web, mobile, Microsoft Outlook, kiosk, and digital signage apps to:

  • Locate and reserve rooms or spaces based on user permissions.
  • Select from favorites or filter by room type and location.
  • Update or cancel existing reservations and invites.
  • Make requests for managed spaces with services and resources via a browser.
  • View details, photos, floor maps, and any resources tied to each space.

Resolve conflicts before they occur

EMS detects and handles space conflicts, especially for recurring meetings, by warning of potential conflicts prior to reservation approval — allowing you to say goodbye to double bookings and unexpected missing resources. With EMS, both everyday and expert users:

  • Are alerted to meeting and resource conflicts during the booking process.
  • Can book different rooms for recurring meetings for dates with room conflicts.
  • Receive alerts for room conflicts that arise when changing meeting times.

Review and change reservation requests on the fly

With EMS, expert users not only have transparency into new room requests, but are immediately alerted to all updates or cancellations. With EMS, expert users can:

  • Use the Dashboard to view new requests and last-minute changes via color codes and visual cues.
  • Rely on a built-in, standardized view and approval processes that streamline efforts and save everyday users from chasing down approvals.
  • Make time, status, and room changes to individual bookings without having to cancel and redo the entire reservation.
  • Save time by copying existing reservations or swapping bookings.

Support a workspace hoteling strategy

Finding the ideal place to meet or work is a task faced by employees and students every single day. EMS supports a workspace hoteling strategy by allowing expert users and administrators to:

  • Set up neighborhoods for seating by business unit, job function, project team, and more.
  • Enforce simple check-in and check-out processes to identify no-shows and ensure accurate metrics.
  • Provide convenient mobile, kiosk, Web, and Outlook Apps that allow for self-service booking and reinforce business rules, such as time limits and proximity limits.

For the everyday user, EMS makes it fast and easy to select a workspace with tools such as floorplan and team seating views, and then book their preferred space with Microsoft Outlook, digital signage, kiosks, or the EMS mobile app.

Deliver on-the-go mobile and web scheduling

Using EMS via the Web or mobile device is simple. With the EMS apps, any user can:

  • Access their user account.
  • Send attendees timed meeting reminders.
  • Block out prep time for before and after a meeting for setup and take down tasks.
  • Schedule video conferencing with a timed start.
  • Use QR codes for mobile check-in to a workspace or meeting.
  • Use kiosks and room signage to help direct attendees.

Easily define user and group permissions

EMS makes it easy for administrators to ensure that the right users have the right privileges. With EMS, you can:

  • Delegate user permissions, such as expert user or everyday user levels, by individual or group.
  • Set up user-specific and room-specific reservation forms with varying levels of information or approvals based on seniority or role.
  • Automate user account management from a centralized system with HR Toolkit.

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